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Hair Transplant Center

Nowadays some people associate their hair with their pride and so when they loose some hair, they see a decline in their self-esteem, hope and joy. This situation is not permanent - thanks to our company BEAUTY CENTRE. We have established a hair transplant centre in Kolkata. Here, we use latest, pioneer and revolutionary technology to rebuilt your life and make it better than before. Our Hair Clinic is innovative and has all the modern equipment to help you with hair solutions such as Baldness Cure, Hair Care, Hair Fixing, Hair Growth, Hair Replacement and Hair Transplant, to name a few. A Howrah based company, we BEAUTY CENTRE offer completely Non-Surgical Method for Hair Transplant and Direct Hair Replacement Procedure. Rest assure, at our hair transplant centre in Howrah (Kolkata), we will cure your baldness in one sitting only. There will be NO surgery, NO stitching and hence NO side effects.

BEAUTY CENTRE is one of the best unisex Hair Replacement Centre in Howrah. We have assigned skilled, trained and experienced hair experts & technicians in our centre, who ensure that baldness is removed for every client, who walks into our premises.

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